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NFT Exhibition

& Sale

Late 2021

This ShitIs Bananas


In 2019 Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan shocked the world when he sold a banana taped to a wall for $120,000 at Art Basel Miami.
Today, digital artist Gord brings you his take on this achievement. A recreation for a bolder and much crazier world, the NFT world.
Introducing “SOLNANA”, a pop art portrait of a banana hanging on a wall, distributed as an NFT, exclusive to the Solana Blockchain.
are the same
Every piece is unique, no two are identical. Let's call them rarities.


Of course, and it's your chance to score some unique fruit art from a limited bunch of only 200 pieces. Is it art at all? that's for you to decide.

If you are buying on the FTX NFT Marketplace then just login to your FTX account. If you're buying on a third-party Solana Marketplace then you'll need a wallet and some SOL (Solana Native Token). Grab a wallet (we recommend Phantom), buy some SOL, connect your wallet & hit the buy button when a piece you like is up sale.

Gord (B,1978) is a sculpture and digital artist. Maybe that's his name, maybe it's not, maybe you know him, maybe you don't. All will be revealed in good time.

Once your purchase is complete your artwork will be sent to your wallet (or account if you are using FTX). If you are using Phantom you can view it directly in the wallet under collectibles.

Sure is, use whichever marketplace you wish (we won't tell Gord)

5% royalty on all platforms, this will be used to fund new art.

You can hit us up on Twitter @solnanaART, or email us at